Steps towards the bright future with excellent English!!!

Every kind of knowledge is considered to be useful only after it is practiced. It is like eating the fruit of the tree, after it yields. Nowadays, lots of young people want to study abroad or work in international companies in different fields.  Many youth who learn English seek for the place to improve their language skills by practicing it. Most of us try to go to the debate or conversation clubs. However, it is vital to say that this sort of clubs can help us only to better our speaking abilities.  How about other language skills?  There is an organization which helps you to improve all skills which will be very useful and crucial when you go abroad or work with English speaking people. “The English Club” is the place you are in need. Every Wednesday “Kelajak lingvo” center fills up with enthusiastic, active and well-determined youth who are eager to learn English and strive for knowledge and experience. The English Club was created with an initiative of Jasur Ostonov, the leader of English Group under Kelajak Lingvo.

“Nowadays most of people including youth learn English language through learning only grammar, some vocabulary and some speaking practices. In October of 2011 I decided to open Speaking Club for helping students to improve only their oral speech. But my participation in “English Week” conference organized by British Council Uzbekistan incited me to establish an organization, where students can learn English through variety of activities and improve not only their speaking skills but, also widen their outlook. During the conference I noticed that many students faced with many difficulties.

I consulted with many foreign specialists such as Les Kirkham, specialist of TESOL, Gerry McIntosh, Teacher Trainer in British Council Ukraine and Francis Maxey, storyteller from Cardiff, UK and they shared with their opinions and experiences. They suggested me to organize different kind of activities including storytelling, drama club and etc. during the class. According to their suggestions I decided to open the English Club where our students can enjoy above mentioned activities and other kind of activities for getting rid of speaking barrier and other obstacles.  Starting January of 2012 the English Club started its activities and till now we have managed to come up with the concept of the English Club” said, Jasur Ostonov, the leader of English Group.

In the beginning of April active members of the English club have created the conception of the club. According to it, different kind of projects and activities should be done by working teams, such as PR and media team, event management team and the team of educational-training matters. Each team has its own responsibilities. PR and media team is responsible for informing about the English Club, reporting about its activities and projects and attracting the attention of youth. The most important things, such as entertainment, team building and outdoor activities are to be accomplished by event management team. The activities which are held in the meetings of the English Club and other educational projects of the club will be organized by the team of educational-training matters.

The English Club presents a huge amount of motivation to its members, creating the facilities to practice their English and appreciating their good work.    


Members of The English Club are always glad to welcome new faces, new talented and motivated youths. Upcoming month students can enjoy a range of trainings about teaching English to pre school aged children with the cooperation of British Council Uzbekistan.