Novelty from active girls of the English Club.

The English Club is full with interesting activities. The most important thing is that we can learn many new words, expressions and widen our outlook here. Activist of “Kelajak lingvo”, Dilnoza Mamedova prepared a lesson about “What our body does”. Question yourself to define if you know all words which express the action of your body. Here are questions for example:

  1. What do we call the sound of your stomach which is heard when you are hungry?
  2. What is called closing and opening eyes quickly?
  3. What is called the action of shaking your body?

It should be mentioned that this lesson was very useful and actual. As it is not secret for anyone, learning languages, especially English is not easy and requires much labour from learners. Many students have problems with their vocabulary, grammar and other necessary skills. This lesson was considerate enough. Because, when we are questioned about simple actions of our body, we can not be able to answer, despite some of us pretend that we can speak English very well. Being teacher really suited Dilnoza and during the lesson she didn’t let us get bored. Of course, she didn’t tell us jokes, but activities, warm-up games she organized were really brilliant. The English Club’s meetings are unique because of its use for youth. Differently from speaking clubs, here you can enrich your vocabulary, improve your grammar, writing, reading and listening skills in one meeting. At the end of the meeting participants were granted the bliss of listening to a very good song of Enrique Iglesias featuring Whitney Houston. The song’s name was “Could I…” and filling in the gaps in the papers handed out and singing the song, we asked ourselves “Could I… Could I… Could I spend my time wisely today?”

Active members of the club, Guzal and Vazira organized a special lesson for other members about everyday problems. It is necessary to learn about problems. As an optimist, I can say that it will be necessary not when you are have everyday problems in foreign countries and shout asking help from people, but when someone is in trouble and asking help from you. For example, someone is shouting “Oh! I locked myself up! The doorknob came off! Please, help!” and if you do not understand these words, you will just pass. Do you think it is good? Two girls tried to teach participants in a very different way. During the activities, participants even organized role-plays about different events in which there are many problems with life. All participants were divided to three groups and showed their creative and acting skills. Three groups prepared three kinds of theatricals. The competition between amateur actors and actresses were strong enough. The ideas were absolutely interesting and each of them has uniqueness. The most important matter was that we wouldn’t ever forget what we learnt about everyday problems. The meeting included listening part and in this part participants listened to the song of Demi Lovato – This is me. It was off-the bore!  


  So, The English Club will continue releasing novelties and its members are never tired working hard. In some weeks The English Club will organize series of contests, including “The best essay”, “The best article” and etc.