Teambuilding in Lingvo style!

Every direction at YIC “Kelajak ovozi” is a family of many active, initiative and just enthusiastic youth. Formerly being the international cooperation direction, Kelajak Lingvo’s activists team became a new direction at the Youth Initiatives Center. For past months, the language center has added many new activists as volunteers aimed to improve their language skills. Therefore, teambuilding has been very important to build up a new strong family. According to the fact that this center has formed as a direction since February of this month, we’d like to give some information about its initiatives regarding the teambuilding activities, month by month.


February was a little bit hard month for all activists, as YIC Culture and Art direction organized an annual KBH contest, where “Lingvoers” was supposed to take part, showing their talent. Rehearsals, scenario writing processes and all other meeting dedicated to the protection of their second family, played a major role in strengthening relations between all activists from all language groups. The most important thing is that, even though the victory wasn’t reached by them, they showed everybody their solidarity, preparing a very interesting demonstration in a week.    


March has started with the celebration of International Women Day 8th of March.  Boys of Kelajak Lingvo presented its girl activists some gifts. First one was a cake made for girls. Second one was a chain of congratulations by Lingvo guys. Everybody wished good wishes to them. It was so awesome to feel that we were one family and girls were our sisters. The first month of the spring continued with our favourite nationwide holiday “Navruz”. In one of the meetings at “Kelajak lingvo”, there had been a discussion about translation of “Navruz”. The conclusion of this small discussion was that the word “Navruz” is never translated, but its meaning is certainly new day. Navruz is the holiday of renewal, new year, new wishes, new ambitions, new initiatives and of course new possibility to make a lot of new friends and to experience. As everybody knows Navruz is celebrated on 21st of March but energy and enthusiasm, good mood that is given by this holy day stays in our hearts until the end of the spring. Many language directions dedicated their meetings for this holiday.


April was full with many teambuilding activities, too. From bowling evening to Charity Football show, everything was off the bore. Kelajak Lingvo actives got closer in this month. There is one more reason for that. On 2nd of April, the English group activist, student of WIUT Umid Yorkulov initiated an event which gathered all together to have fun, playing an intellectual game “Zakovat”. The active initiator permanently takes part in “Zakovat” games, even in its major league, also is the volunteer at “Kelajak ovozi” YIC. Spanish group gathered a team named “Granada”, Germans team got the name “Bazingo”, English wits called themselves as “Donnish”. There were also mixed groups named “Famoso” and “Stars” putting intelligent members of different language groups together. Every team tried to show their intellectual potential and participated worthily. Eventually, “Stars” won the game. It was totally interesting! The game presented all of us good mood, motivation and warm feelings. At the end of intellectual day participants of the event expressed their thanks to organizers and told that they really want to have such events more in the future, too. Fund Forum presented another surprise for activists, welcoming them on opening of the first Ecopark in Tashkent. It was an unforgettable event for youth to feel another new breath of our big city.


May started with lovely Charity March Marathon “In the name of life”. Almost all members of Kelajak Lingvo family took part in it. Everybody was very happy to put their contribution on curing the women with breast cancer. Starting the month with good deeds, activists who can speak English came together at new-opened Ecological Park in Tashkent. British Council Uzbekistan in cooperation with YIC “Kelajak Ovozi” organized a big interactive event dedicated to London 2012 Olympic Games. Kelajak Lingvo guys enjoyed the event getting in the know about the Olympic Games history and playing amazing games thought by British Council wits.


The second Sunday of the June became one of the unforgettable, adventurous days of their life. Because, this day they set off for having rest on the mountains located in Tashkent Region, more exactly at Hojikent. Over 20 activists from 7 language groups came to the train station in the early morning to leave their city life at least for one day. Morning train let activists to arrive the mountains, with many adventures, activities. Not forgetting their activeness, the youth played mafia games which are considered to be a very great team building game. Coming to the destination, young fellows started walking up the mountains. Finding a place for picnic, they had their lunch at about 10 o’clock which not breakfast nor lunch time. They organized many  team building and icebreaker activities, including different circle games, badminton championship and trip to the high mounts.