English Week – 2012! Development, partnership, reforms, achievements and promotion.

The British Council Uzbekistan has organized English Week in Uzbekistan from November 30 to December 15. Ministries of Education of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan Teachers’ of English Association (UzTEA) and Fund Forum has actively cooperated with British Council in realization of this project which is very beneficial for the development and promotion of English learning and teaching process in Uzbekistan.  

Some actual in English language learning and teaching, readiness to share information about English development projects and demand of English teachers and learners motivated British Council to call all its close partners for cooperation and organize a number of events, including conferences, workshops, round tables and others, involving specialists, learners and teachers from all over Uzbekistan, last year. Despite the chain of very interesting and useful events lasted for more than a week, the project got the name “English Week”. This year English Week in Uzbekistan was organized for the second time and created atmosphere for exchanging ideas and experience to solve some problems in learning and teaching English, as last year.

Differences of this year English Week from the last one were scale and involvement of youth. Year by year, the interest of youth to this project is increasing, as well as to activity of British Council. Thanks to the close cooperation of Fund Forum and British Council, activists from “Kelajak ovozi” Youth Initiatives Center had opportunities to take part in conferences and other events as audience, speakers, volunteers, photographers and journalists. More than 10 active young people who are good at English were selected from “Kelajak Lingvo” language center. “Kelajak Lingvo” activists had chance to talk with local and international specialists and teachers and widen their outlook and improve their language skills. They could attract the attention of representatives from ministries and universities, as well as international professionals, with their proper participation and presentations about their project, realized with British Council.

The English Week – 2012 was one of the steps towards the strengthening partnership of “Kelajak ovozi” YIC with British Council and UzTEA. At the end of the Week, activists of “Kelajak Lingvo” started “Development Club” project in cooperation with British Council. In the framework of English Week – 2012 project working group, gathered from actives of “Kelajak Lingvo” language center held a PR event at academic lyceum #2 under USWLU and familiarized with their new project.