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The 20th century is of great achievements in all fields. But at present there are many problems that must be solved. One of them is protection of the environment. Many countries all over the world face this problem.

The Uzbek Republic is rich in various natural resources, but they are not always used in the proper ways. We must protect our environment from destruction. That is why we must preserve our forests and our rare animals. Being a developed industrial state, Uzbekistan has a lot of plants and factories in various cities. Their production is very important, but their smoke is harmful to people’s health and pollutes the air. Now the suggestion is to build industrial enterprises outside cities clear and fresh, but may being polluting the cleaner areas of Uzbekistan.

The protection of the environment is an international problem too. Scientists and people all over the world must preserve the earth for future generations.

People need the environment more than they often know. They need trees and to provide the oxygen that humans need to breathe. They need clear water to drink and to grow the food they eat. They need clear land without chemicals and trash so that their food will be safe to eat. Whatever we put into our environment, into the air, into the water or into the ground, changes how safe that air, water or ground will be for humans to use later. The land, the water and the air belong to everyone, so it is important that everyone treat the environment well, because even one bad person can affect the health of everyone everywhere.

We must preserve Earth for future generations. We must remember that the power of man to conquer nature is unlimited indeed. We must preserve our environment because it is nature that provides us with everything we need for our existence.




  1. achievements –                                                         muvafaqqiyatlar
  2. solve –                                                                      hal qilmoq
  3. protection –                                                              himoya qiliah
  4. environment –                                                          atrof muhit
  5. to face –                                                                  duch kelmoq
  6. resources –                                                               resurslar, manbalar
  7. proper way –                                                (bu erda) to’g’ri amalga oshirilmaydi
  8. destruction –                                                            buzilish, emirilish
  9. That is why                                                              (That’s why) – shuning uchun

10.  preserve –                                                                 saqlamoq, himoya qilmoq

11.  forests –                                                                   o’rmonlar

12.  rare animals –                                                           noyob hayvonlar

13.  harmful –                                                                  zararli

14.  pollute –                                                                   ifloslash, zarar keltirish

15.  all over the world –                                      dunyo bo’yicha

16.  generations –                                                            avlodlar

17.  power –                                                                    kuch, qudrat

18.  to conquer –                                                             egallamoq, bosib olmoq

19.  unlimited –                                                               chegaralanmagan, behisob

existence –                                                                  yashash, mavjud bo’lish