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Английский : топики

External and Internal Policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The main directions of internal policy are consolidation of state bodies, political parties, all social forсes and the use in every possible way moral potential of religion for the purpose preserving and strengthening the civil peace and international harmony.

After decloration of independence of the republic the independent economic policy should be formed with allowance for resources available and regional conditions. Foreign policy of the republic of Uzbekistan provides for equal membership in the world economic association, compliance of economic structure and business conditions with the reqirements of international system. Joint cooperation in creation of market infrastructure and first of all bank system, world communication system and other spheres are favourite. Vitally important is training of personal, especially, the specialists in menegment, marketing and bank operations. At present, legislative bases for foreign economic activity is being perfected, the spheres of foreign capital investments are being determind.




Internal –                                                                     ichki

External -                                                                     tashqi

Consolidation –                                                           birlashish

moral potential –                                                         ma’naviy quvvat

allowance –                                                                 hisobga olish

available –                                                                   mumkin bo’lgan

compliance –                                                               mos keladigan

reqirements –                                                               talablar

infrastructure –                                                            infratuzilma

Vitally –                                                                      hayotiy zarur

legislative bases –                                                        qonuniy asoslar

perfected –                                                                  takomillashtirmoqda

determind –                                                                 aniqlashtirilmoqda