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Birthday is one of the most significant celebrations in the life of almost every person. Actually I do not quite understand the tradition of giving presents to the hero of the occasion. By giving presents do we thank him or her for something? I think that instead of this we should give presents to our mothers. It is our mother who gave us life, spent restless nights hushing us is worthy of all the presents. And now we congratulate each other as if it were our will that let us be born. We say a couple of toast to our mothers and sometimes give them flowers. This is all wrong. Our mothers should be the center of celebration, not we.

Some people like celebrating birthdays, others just adore it. A lot of people like birthdays for the opportunity to receive many good presents at a time. There are people who like to gather friends and relatives and have a great party or dine somewhere. But there are also people who do not like celebrating their birthdays. Personally I do not like to celebrate my birthdays. First, I do not like to hear all those speeches where they wish me to remain such a nice guy as I am now. I do not like it, because I know that it is not true. Being the centre of a birthday party makes me feel shy. As for getting presents – I like it.

But I really feel uncomfortable if I get a present I do not like. I do not want to say that I like only cool expensive presents. Not at all. I can be easily satisfied with a useful, nice cheap present. I mean, that I do not like when people do not think when they choose presents. Unfortunately I cannot hide my disappointment very well at getting improper presents. As for me, I choose presents for my relatives and friends very carefully, considering all their preferences, needs and habits. I do not know why, but I really hate it, when somebody brings me a bouquet. That is suitable for women, not men.

I am glad when somebody forgets about my birthday. I do not think it to be a great holiday. For my parents it is, but not for me. And I never regret being a year older every birthday. There is nothing to regret.

I like celebrating my friends’ birthdays more than mine. And I even get more pleasure from giving presents, rather than from getting them.

It is interesting, that through years people change their attitudes to birthdays. But still we must get a little pleasure on that day. Don’t you think so?