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In the thirties a certain pattern of genres was established. That is a musical, a scientific movie, a gangster film, a horror film and a thriller.

The seventies didn't change the state of things. These movies stayed the most profitable ones. Nowadays this has undergone some changes.

When the sound was invented in 1926, movies became well established and have remained the dominant modals with some variations until today.

One can clearly define the western and the musical. It is not an easy thing sometimes to draw a distinct line between gangster films, detectives and mystery films. As to horror films and science fiction, they often seem to merge. What you can easily identify that is war films and romantic, historical adventures.

Comedies show us different variations.

Hollywood had great difficulties with the new medium of television during the fifties. Most of the classic genres began to feed on themselves.

But the musicals depended on Broadway for stage adaptations.

Soon the film industry began to rise from its knees. Throughout the sixties detective films turned into agent (spy) films.

The Black Power Movement brought its changes into filmmaking. Black people, one-fifth of the nation, were liberated from the cultural ghetto. They now can be seen and heard daily on television and cinema screens.