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Higher Education in Uzbekistan

When Uzbekistan became an independent state in 1991, a new law of education was written guaranteeing its citizens secondary and higher education. This article should serve as a guide, rather than a definitive source of information, as the educational system in Uzbekistan is still developing and changing and many institutions are changing their names.

At present, there are 62 higher educational establishments including 2 academies, 16 universities, and 44 institutes. Universities are prestigious institutions that prepare skilled personnel as well as academic staff. The university offers a variety of disciplines and focuses on preparing future researchers and teachers. Institutes prepare specialists in specific fields of study such as: engineering, law, agriculture, etc. The academies coordinate research and retraining of specialists.

Independence has brought many reforms within Uzbekistan, especially educational reforms. A new degree structure is being implemented gradually by many higher institutions throughout Uzbekistan. In the past, universities and some institutes were five years in duration and graduates received the first university level degree (diploma), issued by the authority of the State Examination Commission. The “diploma” is similar in educational level to the US's bachelor's degree. Presently, this has been reduced to four years. The exceptions are medical institutes with 5-6 year programs depending on the specialty.

Higher education, as a rule, begins from 18-19 years old and continues for no less than 4 years. It is divided in two stages - bachelor's and master's and foresees the enlargement of independent activity of higher education institutions, introduction of public administration, modern technology and tools for individual study, self-education, a distance learning system, providing with humanitarian and humane direction of education.

The Bachelor's is one of the ways to get the basic higher education. To get the bachelor's degree one studies no less than four years, then he receives a diploma of higher education.

The Master's is a higher special education on a concrete specialization. On the basis of the bachelor's degree, it lasts for two years. Then, students sit through a qualification state attestation and defend their thesis.

The last stage is a post-graduate course (which lasts for three years following the master's) and doctorate (three years on the basis of a scientific degree of Doctor of Science).



  1. serve as a guide –                                yo’llanma bo’lib xizmat qiladi
  2. definitive source –                              to’liq axborot manbayi
  3. prestigious –                                        nufuzli
  4. personnel –                                          jamoa, mehnat kollektivi
  5. offers a variety of –                            turli …larni tavsiya etadi
  6. researchers –                                        tadqiqotchilar
  7. coordinate –                                        boshqarib turmoq, muvofiqlashtirmoq
  8. degree structure –                               daraja tuzilishi
  9. gradually –                                          asta-sekin, bosqichma-bosqich
  10. similar –                                               o’xshash
  11. bachelor's degree –                              bakalavr darajasi
  12. reduced –                                            qisqartirilgan
  13. exceptions –                                        qoidadan istisnolar
  14. divided –                                             bo’lingan
  15. foresees –                                            ko’zda tutadi
  16. enlargement –                          kengaytirish
  17. public administration –                       jamoat boshqaruvi
  18. distance learning –                              masofaviy ta’lim
  19. concrete specialization –                     aniq mutahassislik
  20. sit through –                                        … gacha, oxirigacha
  21. defend their thesis –                           (magistrlik dissertatsiyalarini) himoya qiladilar

doctorate -                                           doktorantura