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Higher Educational Institution

Higher Educational Institution

National University of Uzbekistan

Nowadays the National University is not only a leading educational institution but also a scientific center, which makes great contribution to the development of education and science.

The cardinal reformation of educational system in accordance with tasks of constructing a democratic constitutional state having a developed market economy is one of the priorities in the development of Independent Uzbekistan.

With the initiative of the President Islam Karimov the scale programs aiming this, include the Program for Personal Training that is implemented in the country. Basing on its principles, the republic trains thousands of specialists of new formation having independent thinking and steady convictions devoted to their country and people. Here the National University of Uzbekistan has weighty contribution.

Many countries are proud of the higher educational institutions’ diplomas. Since the time when the university was founded, it has trained thousands of high skilled specialists, not only for Uzbekistan but also for European, Asian, Latin American and African countries. Many famous and prominent personalities are among its graduates.

The University plays an important role in the development of higher education and science in the region. The University was a basis for launching many other institutes, universities and academies including Tashkent State Technical University, State Institute of Law and Tashkent Medical Academy.

During its activity the National University has developed traditions of Central Asia’s higher education.

The first establishments of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences started their activities on the basis of this higher educational institution. The National University of the Uzbekistan laid the foundation for many scientific schools in such sciences as biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, physics and philology.

Currently, the country’s “main” higher educational institution consists of 13 faculties, 95 departments and 16 laboratories.

Its teaching staff takes an active part in the development and introduction of new state educational standards, issues, textbooks meeting all modern requirements and carries out state scientific grants. Thus, the university participates in the development of higher education and science.

The national university cooperates with hundreds of leading higher educational institutions of the World.




  1. leading –                                                                  etakchi
  2. contribution to –                                                      …ga hissa qo’shmoq
  3. cardinal reformation –                                              tub isloxot
  4. priorities –                                                                afzalliklar
  5. initiative –                                                                tashabbus
  6. scale –                                                                      ko’lam
  7. implemented –                                                         bajarilmoqda
  8. independent thinking –                                            mustaqil fikr yuritish
  9. steady convictions –                                                mustahkam ishonch
  10. devoted to –                                                    bag’ishlangan
  11. weighty –                                                                    salmoqli
  12. skilled specialists –                                         malakali mutahassislar
  13. prominent –                                                     mashhur
  14. personalities –                                                             shahslar
  15. graduates –                                                                  bitiruvchilar
  16. launching –                                                                  ishga tushirish (ochish)
  17. establishments –                                                          bo’limlar
  18. chemistry –                                                                  kimyo
  19. consists of –                                                    …dan iborat (…dan tashkil topgan)
  20. staff –                                                              jamoa
  21. meeting –                                                                    (bu erda) …ga javob beradigan
  22. requirements –                                                             talablar

Cooperates –                                                   hamkorlik qiladi.