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Английский : топики

My Family

         We are four in our family: my mother, father, my elder brother and I. I think, our family is friendly, united. We spend much time together, go for a walk in the woods, visit theaters, museums, and go to the cinema. My mother’s name is Lola Muhiddinovna. She is an engineer, she works in an office. She is a kind, nice woman. She can cook very well. She is fond of reading. My father’s name is Adham Yunusov. He is a sailor. He is a strong, clever man. He often tells me interesting stories about different countries. Father can do a lot of things. He teaches me to repair furniture, to drive a car. My brother’s name is Alisher. He is 22 years old. He has been studied at Tashkent State University 4 years. Now it is a very difficult period for him: he is passing through state exams.

I have my duties about the house. I must go shopping, clean the rooms. It’s not difficult for me. I like our home to be clean and tidy. I think home is the nicest place. As proverb says, «East or West, home is best». There is no place more delightful than home and there are no people more dear than your relatives.





  1. united-                                                             birlashgan (birlashtirilgan)
  2. woods-                                                            o’rmonlar
  3. engineer-                                                         muhandis
  4. cook-                                                               pishirmoq, tayorlamoq
  5. fond of-                                                           … ni yoqtirmoq, … ga ishqiboz
  6. clever-                                                             aqilli
  7. repair-                                                  tuzatmoq
  8. furniture –                                                       mebel, jixozlar
  9. to drive a car –                                                moshina haydamoq
  10. duties-                                                             vazifalar
  11. delightful-                                                       ajoyib, o’ziga tortadigan
  12. relatives-                                                          qarindoshlar