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Education Sytem of Uzbekistan

           According to the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan about the Education", since 1998 in the republic it is incorporated two-level preparation of the specialists with the higher education -Bachelors and Masters Level. Admission of the students to higher educational institutions is realized through state grants and contracts. From 2001 students started receiving educational credits.

From 2005 index of the applicants’ admission to the educational institutions is growing, at the average rate of female applicants is annually about 350-400 on 1000 accepted students.

Education is multilingual in the republic; studies held in Uzbek, Russian and Kara kalpak languages, in special areas in Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Tadjik languages.

From 2002-2003 academic years International Westminster University, found by "Umid" Foundation and London Westminster University began its functioning in Tashkent. Education is in English. As a result of international cooperation, Branch of Russian Academy of Economics named after Plekhanov and Moscow State University named after V. Lomonosov in Tashkent were established.

In 2004/2005 academic years the number of students of educational institutions reached 270 thousands, and graduates - 60 thousands, including with pedagogical education - 9, 8 thousands people.

State educational standards for higher education, as well as standard academic plans for acting 131 directions of Bachelors and 664 professions of Masters Degree are approved. Programs of academic discipline are designed based on state educational standards on each direction and profession.

Works on development of new, original textbooks and academic manuals for the higher school has also begun.

Within 1998-2002 years 2927 textbooks and academic manuals were published. Process of development and introduction of electronic textbooks into the academic program has begun in the Universities. 400 electronic textbooks were prepared for 2000-2002 years only. In 2005 were published 700 textbooks and manuals, 40 electronic textbooks.

Increasing the quality of education is a primary task of National Program of Preparing Specialists. Complex of measures is taking place on introduction to the academic process of educational institutions modern pedagogical technologies, development of skills on critical thinking and use of the interactive methods of education among students. By undertaking a modernization computer classes the technical base of the educational institutions is being intensified.

Connecting to a global network Internet is done in all the HEI of the country. At present day for 100 students we could have equipped with 6,7 computers, in the student's rehearsals we could raise from 82 to 387, and the total number of computer educational park reached 18,332. In 9 institutions the centers of information technologies and distance education are equipped with up-to-date technologies to hold a video-conference






  cooperation –                                                                        hamkorlik 

  established –                                                                ochilgan, ish boshlagan

  State educational standards –                                                     davlat ta’lim standartlari

  standard academic plans –                                                           ta’lim yo’nalishlari rejasi

  approved –                                                                                             tasdiqlangan, ma’qullangan

  discipline –                                                                                 fanlar (predmetlar)

  designed –                                                                                  yaratilgan (ishlab chiqilgan)

  textbooks –                                                                                            darsliklar

  academic manuals –                                                                    qo’llanmalar

  electronic textbooks –                                                          electron darsliklar

  Increasing the quality of education –                                       ta’lim sifatini oshirish

  National Program of Preparing Specialists -                          Kadrlar tayorlashning milliy dasturi

  Complex of measures –                                                           chora – tadbirlar

  skills on critical thinking –                                                         tanqidiy fikrlash ko’nikmalari

  intensified –                                                                                             tezlashtirilgan

  global network Internet –                                                              Jahon internet tarmog’i

  equipped with –                                                                                     … bilan jixozlangan

  rehearsals –                                                                                             o’quv zallari (takrorlash)

  distance education –                                                                       masofaviy ta’lim